Welcome to Apocalypse-Gaming.net!

Here is some info about servers while site is being worked on.

7 Days to Die Server
Server name: Apocalpyse-Gaming.net PvE
Server IP: Port 26900
Server is running the Navezgane map and a few modlets.  The modlets change the appearance of the HUD, make your backpack larger, change the quality/damage of tools and weapons and a few other small changes.  You don’t need to do anything on your client to use these modlets because they all run on the server side.
We have a web map for the server that you can view at http://map.apocalypse-gaming.net:8082

Ark: Survival Evolved Server Cluster
Servers are on IP address:
Currently we are running the following maps:  Extinction, Ragnarok, Aberration.
There are a few mods on the server as well.
Click here to view our Ark servers on toparkservers.net

Server Hosting payment section

All payments are to pay for server hosting.  Invoices will be emailed for all payments submited.

If at all possible I would prefer people use the paypal send money feature directly to my email.  You can message me on discord for the email address or look in the pinned messages in the general text channel.

Recurring Payments

Recurring monthly payments

One time payment

One time payment